Out of the Serpent’s Root

British Library MS. Add. 11183), folio 25v. Taken from Wikimedia Commons

New from Buzz Magazine, Mab Jones’s selection of new poetry from Wales, reviewing books by Carrie Etter, Clare E. Potter, and Gwyriad by Nigel Jarrett, recently published by Cockatrice Books. In her review she praises Nigel’s ‘keen sight’ and ‘wry tone’ and ‘succinct, scalpel-like technique’ in a collection which is ‘wonderful… altogether a pleasure to read.’

You can order Gwyriad directly from the Cockatrice shop, alongside his recent short-story collection, Five Go to Switzerland, Roger Granelli’s novel portraying the dying days of Europe’s African empires, River of Hope, and A. L. Reynolds’ tender, elegaic description of love, loss, deep time and redemption, Seaside Towns, among many more.

‘O wreiddyn y sarff daw gwiber allan…’
‘For out of the serpent’s root shall come forth a cockatrice…’ Enjoy.

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