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The cockatrice is hatched from a cockerel's egg, and resembles a dragon the size and shape of a cockerel. The English word is derived from the Latin calcatrix, but in Welsh it is called ceiliog neidr: 'adder-cock.' Its touch, breath and glance are lethal.

Since 2015, Cockatrice Books has been bringing you new and classic translations of Welsh literature, and original Welsh fiction. No money is spent on advertising. Reviews, shares and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

There is a saying in Welsh, Y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn, which means, 'The red dragon leads the way.' The cockatrice spits at your beery patriotism.

An independent publisher for an independent Wales

In view of the militarism of the British state, and the toxic nature of the British union, the Cockatrice supports independence for Wales and membership of the E.U.

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The Cockatrice will report correspondents offering website design, SEO, authored content or other commercial services to their email providers and to the Information Commissioner’s Office. Having done so, it will spit on their children, and stamp on their breakfast eggs.

Elizabeth Bibesco (forthcoming), Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, O. M. Edwards, Caradoc Evans, Vsevolod Garshin, Gildas, J. A. Giles, Geraint Goodwin, James Harries, Sivert and Elizabeth Hjerleide, T. Gwynn Jones, Richard Hughes Williams, T. J. Llewelyn Pritchard, J. E. Lloyd, Morgan Llwyd, Rob Mimpriss (editor), George Moore, Nennius, Daniel Owen, Elias Owen, A. L. Reynolds, Wirt Sikes, Rowland Smith, Claud Vivian, E. L. Voynich, Ellis Wynne, Owen Wynne Jones.

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