Capel Sion by Caradoc Evans



A young man whose heart is filled with the glory of Sion conceals the mouth of the well and calls the servant he has got with child. The son of Enoch, the Teller of Things, dies in Morfa, and Enoch takes his body by force to have it buried in Capel Sion. The doltish virgin, Silah Penlon, denounces Amos, chief of the praying men, and Pedr comes down from the moor to warn the people that the Big One will loosen the sea of Morfa because wickedness is in the grounds of Capel Sion. Timeless in its milieu, yet striking in its modernity, Caradoc Evans’s second short-story collection pits the cunning and greed of Welsh farmers and ministers in the Edwardian era against the stony pastures and barren moors of Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire.

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