Caradog Evans: My People, Capel Sion, My Neighbours



My People   Capel Sion   My Neighbours


‘Our God is a big man: a tall man much higher than the highest chapel in Wales and broader than the broadest chapel. For the promised day that He comes to deliver us a sermon we shall have made a hole in the roof and taken down a wall. Our God has a long, white beard, and he is not unlike the Father Christmas of picture-books. Often he lies on his stomach on Heaven’s floor, an eye at one of his myriads of peepholes, watching that we keep his laws. Our God wears a frock coat, a starched linen collar and black necktie, and a silk hat, and on the Sabbath he preaches to the congregation of Heaven.’

A young man whose heart is filled with the glory of Sion conceals the mouth of the well and calls the servant he has got with child. The son of Enoch, the Teller of Things, dies in Morfa, and Enoch takes his body by force to have it buried in Capel Sion. The doltish virgin, Silah Penlon, denounces Amos, chief of the praying men, and Pedr comes down from the moor to warn the people that the Big One will loosen the sea of Morfa because wickedness is in the grounds of Capel Sion.

United by the Biblical cadence which made their author famous, and spurred by an anger at the hypocrisy of Welsh chapel society, these three collections display the work of one of Europe’s greatest and Wales’s most hated and notorious short-story writers.


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