Folklore and Folk Stories of Wales by Marie Trevelyan


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Born Emma Mary Thomas (1853-1922) in Llantwit Major, Marie Trevelyan, as she was known, was a popular writer of fiction and non-fiction and a populariser of the folklore of Wales.

Beginning with the land itself and its magic, and ending with the life and death of its people, focusing on her native Glamorgan, yet encompassing the whole of Wales, drawing on family records and enriched by her own fieldwork and by her keen interest in the women of Welsh history and tradition, this entertaining and richly imagined volume explores werewolves and vampires, toad-men and frog-women, fairies, ghosts and demons, against a backdrop of the forests and meadows, rivers and lakes, mountains and caverns, the plants, animals and natural forces which make up the country of Wales.

‘the most important collection of the… folklore of the British Isles’
Charlotte S. Burne

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