Pugnacious Little Trolls by Rob Mimpriss


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‘Where is the Welsh short story going? Wherever Rob Mimpriss takes it.’ John O’Donoghue, laureate, MIND Book of the Year Award

In his first three short-story collections, Rob Mimpriss painstakingly mapped the hidden lives of country-dwellers in Wales. In Pugnacious Little Trolls, he combines the dark eloquence and surety of his earlier work with confident experimentation, in stories set among the bird-bodied harpies of Central America, among the dog-headed Cynocephali of Central America, and in the muddle of slag-heaps and job centres that H. G. Wells’s Country of the Blind has become. In the three stories at the heart of the collection is Tanwen, idealistic and timid, confronting global warming and the rise of fascism as she embarks on her adult life.

‘freely and fiercely inventive short stories… supercharged with ideas.’ Jon Gower, Nation Cymru

‘a work of great beauty and subtle force… a fine, distinctive voice.’ Jim Perrin

‘bathed in white fire in every sense… Borges would happily own them.’ Gee Williams

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