Reasoning, For His Warriors, Prayer at the End: Three Books by Rob Mimpriss

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Published between 2005 and 2015, these seventy-three short stories by Rob Mimpriss present an account of everyday life in rural Wales, and a reflection on the state of society as the Western patriarchy comes to an end.

‘Through the stealthy movements of his prose, Rob Mimpriss enacts the quiet enigma of people’s lives and relationships. The result is an understated fiction of compelling intensity.’ ~Prof M Wynn Thomas

‘A quiet writer with a loud voice… I’ll be listening for more.’ ~Michael Nobbs,

‘A powerful mixture of intelligence and percipience.’ ~Roger Granelli

‘These stories are a rare kind of joy. Even when they approach moments of discontent and danger they bring to the reader an optimism founded in human relationships. This is a wonderful collection.’ ~Prof. Graëme Harper, Editor, New Writing

‘Both humour and pity often arise from the characters’ inability to understand themselves and those close to them. In suggesting both the truth and the self-deception Mimpriss not only engages our sympathy but makes us question our assumptions about ourselves.’ ~Caroline Clark,

‘There is nothing ostentatious about his writing: most of his characters lead unremarkable, even humdrum, lives; there are few dramatic plot developments; the writing does not draw attention to itself. And yet the best of these pieces express something important about psychology and human relationships, and the sparseness of the writing is capable of considerable power.’ ~Brian George, The Short Review

‘In Llandudno today… a woman crossed the road as we passed in the car and this action triggered in me the memory of a moment in a story by Rob Mimpriss when a character crosses the road in Llandudno. This means the story has properly gone to where all good stories need to go in readers — deep into the imagination, to live there. The story is called “Valiant” in the collection For His Warriors. I recommend it. Highly. It feels to me already a classic.’ ~Fiona Owen, author, Going Gentle and editor, Scintilla

‘Heaving with loss, regret, and familial bonds.’ ~Annexe Magazine

‘In the most seemingly unremarkable of Rob Mimpriss’s pieces there is a skill, and a mystery and elusiveness to that skill, which other short-story writers might envy. This is a masterful collection.’ ~Gee Williams

‘Quietly written, contemplative… whose powerhouse is the depth of its moral reflection.’ ~Siân Preece, Rhys Davies Competition

‘An immaculate collection.’ ~Nigel Jarrett

‘if readers want stories that will provoke a great deal of musing on family dynamics, Mimpriss’ collections can be counted upon. The writer tugs at run-of-the-mill scenes and gleans details that morph from ordinary to expressive before the readers’ eyes. Bleak as they may be, these are honest fragments of the human condition and Mimpriss’ pensive eloquence is to be credited.’ ~Sophie Baggott, New Welsh Review


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