Prayer at the End: Twenty-Three Stories by Rob Mimpriss



Prayer at the End: Twenty-Three Stories is the third of a series of three collections by Rob Mimpriss. It was preceded by Reasoning and For His Warriors, and will be published in 2015 by Cockatrice Books.


A cigarette quenched in the Menai Strait makes a man vow to live a selfish life. The memory of an unborn twin makes a man regret the selfish life he has lived. An elderly shopkeeper befriends the teenagers outside his shop, and a lonely householder sets out to confront the trespassers on his land.

‘An immaculate collection.’

Nigel Jarrett

‘heaving with loss, regret and familial bonds.’

Annexe Magazine

‘In the most seemingly unremarkable of Rob Mimpriss’s pieces there is a skill, and a mystery and elusiveness to that skill, which other short-story writers might envy. This is a masterful collection.’

Gee Williams

Quietly written, contemplative… whose powerhouse is the depth of its moral reflection.’

Siân Preece, Rhys Davies Competition 2011

‘Whilst the publication dates of Rob Mimpriss’ three short story collections span a decade — from 2005 to 2015 — the fluency between volumes belies this interval. Reasoning, For His Warriors and Prayer at the End are dark, dense reads. This Welsh writer has a practised confidence, and each of his seventy-three stories collected here is marked by an indelibly bleak angle into society.’

Sophie Baggott, New Welsh Review

ISBN: 978-1912368129. Format: Paperback, 127×203mm. 152pp. Price: £7.99

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