Seaside Towns (Ebook)



Forthcoming 25th November 2022

For Anatoliy Yetvushenko, émigré and physicist, it should be the perfect holiday. Llandudno calls to his mind the Black Sea holidays of his childhood in the Ukraine, while his companion, Francis, is just beginning to awaken to the possibilities of male sexual love in the first years following its legalisation. But Anatoliy has memories of an earlier holiday in Lyme Regis in the 1950s, where his previous lover, who now lives near Llandudno, left him to make a loveless marriage. With its awareness of the landscape of the north coast of Wales, of quantum physics and of deep time, this novel reflects the search for intimacy and fulfilment in the shadow of political tyranny and sexual persecution.

‘A vivid and moving description of memory, loss and eventual redemption, a wise, compassionate exploration of human vulnerability and human worth.’

Rob Mimpriss

‘a chronicler of the region’s disappearing heritage.’

North Wales Chronicle

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