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  • Seaside Towns goes to Buzz Magazine

    High praise for A. L. Reynolds’ new novel, Seaside Towns, from Rachel Rees, writing for Buzz Magazine. The book is ’a compelling love triangle between two men and the past… gentle yet searing, introspective yet intensely physical.’ This very warm review joins Jason Barlow’s searching reception of Of the Ninth Verse for Some Melodious Plot in […]

  • Internal Difference: New fiction by Roger Granelli, Nigel Jarrett and A. L. Reynolds

    The Cockatrice happily endorses the view that a book should not be judged by its cover, because the content of these is even better. Roger Granelli’s is a rich and satisfying authorial voice. His work is simultaneously traditional and bold, accessible and challenging, fast-paced and affecting. His collected stories, Any Kind of Broken Man, with […]