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The cockatrice is hatched from a cockerel’s egg, and resembles a dragon the size and shape of a cockerel. The English word is derived from the Latin calcatrix, but in Welsh it is called ceiliog neidr: ‘adder-cock.’ Its touch, breath and glance are lethal.

Since 2015, Cockatrice Books has been bringing you new and classic translations of Welsh literature, and original Welsh fiction. No money is spent on advertising. Reviews, shares and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

There is a saying in Welsh, Y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn, which means, ‘The red dragon leads the way.’ The cockatrice spits at your beery patriotism.

‘An exemplary small publisher’

‘Small publishers have a hard time of it these days. Yet what they produce can be so radical and exciting. My favourite from Wales is Rob Mimpriss’s Cockatrice Books. His list is exemplary, carefully chosen, scrupulously edited, ranging from fine new translations of classic Welsh texts to the most radical and challenging new fiction. Rob Mimpriss himself is beyond question Wales’s finest and most subtle short-story writer working today. If you’re looking for something to read, put his Pugnacious Little Trolls and A. L. Reynolds’ Of the Ninth Verse on your list. You’ll not be disappointed.’

Jim Perrin

An independent publisher for an independent Wales

‘I prefer to state my bias at the outset. I write as someone who fully supports Celtic cultural, political and economic independence. Nor do I disguise the fact that I am a socialist.’

Peter Berresford Ellis, The Celtic Revolution


For health reasons which are deeply regretted, Cockatrice Books is not currently accepting new submissions.

The Cockatrice will report correspondents offering website design, SEO, authored or AI-manufactured ‘content,’ or other commercial services to their email providers and to the Information Commissioner’s Office. Having done so, it will spit on their children, and trample their breakfast eggs.